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This site will give the most accurate results to those people who have an account with Telecom or customers who's ISP directly peers with Telecom. The only bandwidth restriction should be your ADSL line and the DSLAM back to the BRAS

Note you will need to look at your web browser reported transfer rate to gauge speed. This should be in kilo bytes per second (kB/s). Your broadband line is rated in kilo bits per second! (kb/s). So make sure you are comparing apples with apples. A 10Mb/s line sync speed for example should equate to approx 1MB/s throughput as reported by your web browser. It's not 10M/8 because of the protocol overhead.

If you are using Windows XP or older then don't expect to see much over 400Kbytes per second. Microsoft did not tune their operating system very well and to get the best performance from a full speed line you need to use a program like DoctorTCP or Unblocka to tune your Windows data throughput performance. With Windows Vista or Windows 7 you don't need to and these newer operating systems will adapt to give you the best possible throughput.

Because retail broadband in New Zealand is typically asymmetric that means your upstream and downstream max speeds will differ.

With ADSL expect to get anything up to 2.5MBytes/sec downstream and up to 150KBytes/sec upstream. That's only if you have the perfect line conditions though.